Cause Marketing Campaign | IMC Campaign Objectives

Cause Marketing Campaign | IMC Campaign Objectives

This article is part of a Cause Marketing Campaign completed for Seneca College.
Cause: Fighting Violence Against Women
Client: L’Oréal


IMC Campaign Objectives

The $3 million sponsor’s investment in the IMC Campaign will pursue these objectives:

Primary Objective

The main objective of this campaign is to educate and increase general awareness helping Canadians understand the deepness of such a problem. Although the numbers of violence against women are still high in Canada, many Canadians are not aware and also are not familiar with the many forms of which this violence can occur.

The victims of gender-based violence are close to home since 85% of those who are committed against women come from someone they know R18. From assaults to harassment and attempted murder, those forms of violence usually happen inside families and work environments. In those private spaces, many times there are people that are willing to help but don’t know how or are not sure if it’s their business.

Therefore, is essential to educate Canadian society, bringing consciousness regarding this important subject and helping audiences understand that they can really make a difference and help women escape violence environments.

Secondary Objective

The second objective regards the engagement of the entire society. Violence against women is a problem that concerns the whole Canadian population, and fighting this problem should also be considered a problem for all.

Once Canada’s population of both men and women really embrace this cause, the future of women and young girls might finally start to change.

Tertiary Objective

On the other hand, there is the victim of such acts of violence. In these situations, after having suffered from gender-based violence, women often feel alone and discouraged. Without the help of their family, colleagues and friends, it’s difficult to take the next step, whether is to report the violence or to keep living a full life.

So it’s essential to let women know that they are not alone and encourage them to step forward. They need to know that there are institutions that can protect and support them to regain their lives. With the recent growth of movements pro women’s rights, they should feel empowered and understand how times are changing and how their voices are really starting to be heard. R19 They should feel safe to report those crimes and confident that they will be respected and heard as victims of such hateful crimes that keep hurting our society.

Quaternary Objective

Finally, this campaign also aims to increase donations to shelters and funds to help get women out of violence. Although this is not the foundation of the campaign, it should also be considered since victims need all the help they can get.

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