Cause Marketing Campaign | Campaign Statement

Cause Marketing Campaign | Campaign Statement

This article is part of a Cause Marketing Campaign completed for Seneca College.
Cause: Fighting Violence Against Women
Client: L’Oréal



The primary objective is to educate society and increase awareness. The secondary objective is to increase engagement regarding this cause. The tertiary objective is to help and encourage victims of violence against women. The quaternary and final objective is to increase donations to shelters and funds to help get women out of violence.

Target Audience

The statistics show that for a cause campaign to be successful and engaging, is important to reach Millenials of both genders. Therefore, the primary target are male and female Canadians between the ages of 21 to 35. The second target audience should be constituted by women who were victims of gender-based violence, which represents at least half of all women in Canada.


L’Oréal has been devoting the company’s first hundred years to its culture of integrity, respect, courage and transparency. Over the last decades, L’Oréal has also started to use its reputation to benefit society by helping to shape a better world through its involvement with cause marketing campaigns, especially with empowerment to women approach. By associating to an important cause like fighting violence against women, L’Oréal can surely
grab people’s attention and engagement, while interacting with people through social activism and taking action to bring real social changes. In addition, this campaign will promote conversations and engagement with the brand’s target audience.

The Campaign Strategy and Message

This cause marketing campaign will bring awareness and educate Canada’s society about violence against women, while helping them to engage and find the right tools and means to fight this violence. Women who were already victimized will feel safer and empowered, by knowing that there’s a way out and society is ready to help them.

Conclusion for Campaign Direction

Up do this date, violence against women remain as one of Canada’s biggest problem regarding future’s generation. Nonetheless, the problem is still not discussed enough. Although many Canadians may know that this problem still exist, they don’t really understand how deep it still runs.

Violence against women is, in its core, gender-based, and keeps destroying lives of young girls and women worldwide. Only in Canada, 7 in 10 people who have already experienced some kind of violence belong to the female gender, weather women or girls. Young women are particularly at risk and it’s up to society to help taking care and shaping those young lives.

Not only the violence itself remains a huge problem, but also the lack of punishment for most of these crimes. Almost 70% of the cases of violence against women remain unreported and this leds to both women victims and society as a whole not trusting that justice can be brought to this matter.

In recent years, the Government has been taking more action regarding women’s safety, yet is not enough and both companies and non-governmental organizations have also started to take their share of this problem. Society also has been stepping it up and making this a problem they also should be trying to fix it. Although the engagement regarding this cause is not as high as it should be, day after day there are more people getting involved in trying to help women and bringing awareness to this cause. This recent growth can be accelerated through a thorough campaign by a trustworthy brand such as L’Oréal.

Therefore, the two main objectives of this campaign are to educate and increase general awareness about such problem and also to boost the engagement of the entire society fighting and preventing violence against women. Yet, the third objective is to help those women who have already been victimized by this problem to not only survive but thrive again.

For this campaign to be successful, it’s essential to target two primary audiences: Canadians from both genders between the ages of 21 to 35, focusing on Millennials for further awareness and engagement, and also women who were victims of any kind of violence based on its gender, which can become fierce advocates for the cause.

By reaching those audiences, L’Oréal can help this important cause by evoquing and promoting the world’s diversity, respect and courage, helping women thrive and reach whatever they want to.

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