What does “oxente” means?

What does “oxente” means?

“Oxente” is a Brazilian expression. Have you heard of it before?

Originated on the state of Bahia, “oxente” or “oxe”, for short, is part of the baianês (Bahia slang).

But what is the meaning of this expression? “Oxente” suggests surprise, astonishment. In English, it would mean something similar to “what”, used in many different circumstances.

The correct pronounce would be something similar to: “oh-SHEHN-tee”.

“Oxente” is such an important expression to Bahia that eventually became not only part of the culture, but is also seen in lots of products like bags, dresses, hats, – bought not only by tourists but also locals.

Next time you are in Brazil, be sure to drop in Bahia and buy yourself an “oxente” T-shirt.

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